Friday, August 3, 2007

My Second, "Getting the Most from Version Control" Presentation

Introduction This time I gave a presentation at The Dayton .Net Developers Group. For those that attended, my materials are now available for download. Compared to the first presentation, this one focused on Subversion less, and more on general practices. That was something I feel needed to be improved from the first meeting. For those that attended the first presentation you might want to look at my new materials, I completely overhauled my slide deck. My demos were much less this time, and my last one bombed. But I promised to list the corrected steps here, so stay tuned. What did I learn? A big difference between this demo and last is I didn't use svnserve. TortoiseSVN (TSVN) can use the "file:" protocol to connect to local or UNC repositories. (I found it in "4.1.3. Local Access to the Repository" of the TSVN documentation.) That's great news for those people out there what want to get started quickly, TSVN can do everything you need. There was a request for a demo that involved VS and .NET projects, which I'll be sure to add if I do the presentation again. Final Thought All in all, the feedback was very positive. Thanks to all of you for your kind words, and if you have any comments please list them here, or on the forum at the group's website.

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  1. hi,

    couple of notes on your presentation:

    a) if you put it online on, it would be much more accessible;

    b) slide 5: "more then" --> "more than";

    c) slide 9: global revision numbers can thwart some of the more advanced features, as shown in Git functionality compared with Subversion;

    d) slide 23: I think you should say about the "merging" part of branching at this very moment. looking at the slide alone, why does anyone want to create "copies"?

    Thank you,
    Alexey Mahotkin