Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Adding Code Samples to Blogger with Windows Live Writer

Sorry, if anyone got the slew of test posts I made in order to get my code formatter right.

But as a small reward for putting up with my bumbling, I give to you my findings.

I’m using Windows Live Writer with the “Code Snippet plugin for Windows Live Writer,” but I found when I published my posts my formatting was off. Many “<br/>” tags were appearing in my blog and RSS feed that came out of it.

The problem was not with the plugin, but with Blogger.com formatting my posts. So to fix the problem here is what you do…

  1. Log into you Blogger.com Dashboard
  2. Choose “Settings” for your respective blog
  3. Choose “Formatting” under the Settings tab
  4. Set “Convert line breaks” to “No”

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