Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CAPTCHA Tool for Protecting Email Addresses

This post is a continuation of my previous post. "Some tips and tricks to prevent Email Harvesting / Scraping"

One of the techniques I mentioned was an "Anti-bot" process and I made reference to the Google Groups CAPTCHA design.

Today I found out that reCAPTCHA.net offers the same service for free. It's called Mailhide

Just browse out to http://mailhide.recaptcha.net/, supply an email address, and they will provide you with HTML you can use to mask your email.

Here's the process with pretty pictures

Providing an email address.


The generated HTML


Once the HTML is embedded, clicking the "..." gives you


When you provide the correct input you get


Pretty cool huh?

Give it a try yourself: User...@Domain.com

They also have an API available if you want to do the same process in bulk.

Happy coding.

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