Saturday, February 16, 2008

Central Ohio Day of .NET - April 19, 2008

CentralOhioDoDNLogo_smallIt's that time again. Time for us developers to get together and geek out to the latest technology and see who's smarter. ;)

Day of .NET events are a series of mini-conferences organized by developers for developers. The event it FREE to to all.

Visit the event's homepage, and register today.

For those that have attended the Dayton Cincinnati Code Camps  of the past, this year we've included the Columbus .NET user group as well. Because "The Central Ohio Dayton Cincinnati Code Camp" was just to much to say, and CODCCC had just too many C's. The name has been changed to "Central Ohio Day of .NET", or CODODN. Ah, just better.

But seriously, becoming part of the Day of .NET events makes it easier for coders to find us, and helps coders find similar events going on in their areas.

CentralOhioDoDNBadge Though the name may be different, it's the same great event. So come, meet new people, share ideas, socialize, and maybe learn something too.

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